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Adopting children from Nepal

Frank Adoption Center began in 1994 and worked for a number of years to place children from Eastern Europe with families living in the US and abroad. With the implementation of the Hague Treaty and other major policy changes, these adoptions ceased in 2012.

In 2013, Frank Adoption Center re-opened its doors as an entirely new agency, working in Nepal and employing a new staff, as well as a new Board of Directors. The goal of the new Frank Adoption Center is simple: to make the international adoption process easier for all involved.

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In the summer of 2010, the US government suspended the adoptions of abandoned children in Nepal by American families, citing allegations of corrupt practice in the country. When the suspension was issued, there were 56 cases in process, all of which were investigated and no fraud was found. Today, all of these children, have been fully and finally adopted by their American parents.

When the suspension occurred in 2010, all US agencies then working in Nepal also suspended their programs and allowed their licensure to expire. Frank Adoption Center is now the only US agency authorized to work in Nepal, and is working to place children who have been orphaned or who have been formally relinquished for adoption by their birth families or legal guardians. These children are not included in the suspension of adoptions and the US government has stated that these children can be issued visas.

Current Adoption Landscape
There are currently children in Nepal who are eligible for international adoption. Both boys and girls are available and they range in age from 6 to 16 years. As of now, there are no children under the age of 6 who have been relinquished; however, Frank Adoption Center is accepting families who would like to adopt a child in this age group, as long as the families are aware that the wait time is unknown. The majority of the children are healthy. At this time, there are no sibling groups eligible for adoption.

Please note that Nepal does have some specific requirements for adoptive families:

  • Married, heterosexual couples (having been married for at least four
    years) or single women
  • If a family has a boy at home, they must adopt a girl; if a family has a
    girl at home, they must adopt a boy. Families with a boy and a girl
    are not eligible to adopt from Nepal
  • Families must stay within birth order (if they already have children)

Total cost for adoption from Nepal
(not including travel expenses): $19,550

Frank Adoption Center will be working with several orphanages, all of which have been licensed by the Nepal’s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and are authorized to conduct international adoptions. Once a family’s dossier (the set of documents representing a family to the authorities in Nepal) has been submitted, the match between prospective parents and child is made by the Matching Committee of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.

Frank Adoption Center is given fairly detailed information regarding how the child came into care, their medical status and their social history. We anticipate the time between dossier submission and match to be 3-6 months, though the wait time may be longer for families interested in adopting younger children.

Once a family has accepted their child’s referral, the process will begin towards adoption finalization in Nepal. Frank Adoption Center will also begin working with the family and the US Embassy to complete the I600 and I604 investigation (investigations conducted by the US Embassy to ensure children are truly orphans or have been formally relinquished by birth family with a clear understanding of what international adoption means for them and their child). Families will not travel until these are complete. We anticipate the time from referral to travel to be 6-10 months. Families should anticipate a 10 day stay in Nepal.

For more detailed information, please contact Frank Adoption Center.



If you’re looking for international adoption as a viable option for bringing a child into your life, then please read explore and enjoy our web site. Adopting a child from Nepal is our specialty, which means we have all the resources and networking in place to successfully arrange your adoption. Adoption from the country of Nepal is a legal and fully developed process and we’ve been bringing the joys of children to parents for over twenty years. Currently, our age range is from child to teen: from six to sixteen except in cases where the parents are willing to wait an undefined amount of time.
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