About Us

Frank Adoption Center is very much a team effort, including our US based and in country staff, along with our advisory partners and Board of Directors. Our combined experience totals over 15 years and includes work in countries throughout the world. We pride ourselves on both our knowledge and our passion; we are competent and confident in the work that we do, trusting that we are uniting children for whom adoption is truly the best option with families who will welcome them with open arms.


Important Policies and Procedures


Mary Beth King, MSSA; Executive Director 
Mary Beth King, MSSA is the agency’s Executive Director and works closely with the rest of our team to determine best practice policies for the agency and for the children and families we work with around the world. Having worked with several agencies prior to re-opening Frank, she now heads our Primary Provider program, coordinating with attorneys, home staff, and government officials in numerous countries. She is mom to three, including our occasional 'office assistant' who sometimes stops by to pull all the books off the shelves and push every button on the phone! She and her family completed their adoption of their son from China in October 2018.


Alison Sandridge; Program Coordinator
Alison Sandridge coordinates the majority of our programs in Africa, most notably Sierra Leone and serves as a wonderful resource for families both personally and professionally. She is mom to four funny, kind, active children from Uganda, two of whom arrived to the US as teens. When not chauffeuring to track meets, hockey practice or volleyball games, Alison is busy answering inquiries, checking in with our staff on the ground and helping families cope with the ups and downs of international adoption.


Kelly Dempsey
Frank Adoption Center partners with Dempsey Law, PLLC and Kelly Dempsey, principal and owner of Dempsey Law, to handle the US immigration component of international adoptions.

Kelly is an accomplished international adoption attorney who has helped hundreds of families overcome obstacles in dozens of countries around the world.


Kelley O'Brien; President of Board of Directors
Kelley O’Brien is the director for strategy and innovation and adjunct faculty at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government. Her areas of expertise include communication, grant writing, and strategic planning. She previously worked for ten years in the field of civic education, directing a statewide non-profit that served K-12 teachers. She and her husband have adopted two children from South Korea and have personally experienced the roller coaster ride of international adoption—its an emotional, but incredibly fulfilling ride.


Amy Hecht, PhD; Board of Directors
Amy is the founder and clinical director of the Hecht Ribas Group for Psychological Services. A graduate of Gallaudet University's PhD program in clinical psychology, Amy is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in adoption and families, LGBT families and disability. Amy and her wife, Claudia Ribas, are the proud parents of four beautiful children including a daughter adopted from Nepal in 2010. She is also a founding member of the Nepal Adoptive Families Association. As a member of both an extended birth family and an adoptive family Amy brings personal as well as professional experience to her passion for adoption and all members of the adoption constellation.