Important Policies and Procedures

Complaint Resolution Procedure

Frank Adoption Center’s Grievance Policy is designed to permit any client the right to lodge a signed and
dated complaint about any of the services or activities of this agency or persons involved with this agency
that are believed to be inconsistent with state or federal laws and regulations or standards of accreditations
that pertain to Frank Adoption Center. All complaints must be filed in accordance with Hague Convention

There are two types of grievances: formal and informal:

Informal Grievance:
Frank Adoption Center urges all clients first make an informal complaint before filing a formal grievance. To
do so, please contact the agency’s Executive Director and clearly explain the issue. Allow time to talk about
the problem, for the agency to seek additional advice if needed, and to work with the agency to form a plan
for moving forward in the best way possible for all involved parties.

Formal Grievance:
In the event that an informal grievance does not result in a satisfactory solution to the problem, or the client
feels an informal discussion is not the best course of action, a formal grievance may be filed. The following
steps are to be followed when filing a formal grievance:

1. The person bringing forward the complaint should do so in a signed, dated and written format.
2. Written complaints should be submitted to the Executive Director via US Postal Mail. Should the
complaint be directly related to the Executive Director, the written complaint should be directed to the
Board of Directors’ President.
3. All written complaints submitted to either the Agency Director, or the Board of Directors’ President,
must be forwarded by the director or the president to the remaining Board of within 3 business days of
receiving the complaint to solicit their input. The Board must provide their input to the Director or
within 5 business days after receiving the complaint. They will determine if a full review by the Board
of Directors is required prior to formalizing and sending a written response to the complaint.
4. The Executive Director, or Board of Directors’ President, must respond in writing to complaints
received within 30 business days of receipt, and provide expedited review of such complaints that are
time-sensitive or that involve allegations of fraud.
5. The written response will include the steps taken to investigate and respond to the complaint.
6. All written complaints and responses will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled Board of
Directors’ meeting.

Frank Adoption Center will not take any action to discourage a client or prospective client from, or retaliate
against a client or prospective client for: making a complaint; expressing a grievance; providing information
in writing or interviews to an accrediting entity on the agency’s performance; or questioning the conduct of
or expressing an opinion about the performance of Frank Adoption Center.

If the complaint concerns or raises an issue of compliance with the Hague Convention or the
U.S. implementing statutes and regulations, any consumer dissatisfied with Frank Adoption
Center’s resolution may file with the Hague Complaint Registry. Contact information and
procedures for the internet based Hague Complaint Registry:

(any submissions must state with specificity the date and nature of the complaint, including
names of persons involved, and be signed and dated):


Prohibition on Child Buying
Frank Adoption Center works to ensure that inter country adoptions are in the best interests
of children, firmly believing that children should remain in relative care whenever possible.

However, we recognize that cannot be for every child.

Frank Adoption Center and our in country partners work to prevent the sale, exploitation,
abduction or trafficking of children. Frank Adoption Center does not compensate any
individual providing adoption services with a fee based incentive or fee contingent on a child
being located for adoption. Compensation is instead based on services provided or on a wage
or salary basis. Any practice that consists of, or is related to, payment for a child or as an
inducement to release a child for adoption is strictly forbidden.

Frank Adoption Center staff, coordinators and prospective adoptive parents are prohibited
from giving money, gifts, bribes or other consideration directly or indirectly to any person or
entity, including any biological relative or caregiver of a child, as payment for a child or as
inducement to release a child for purposes of adoption.

Legitimate, ethical adoption related costs and expenses permitted under Hague Convention
standards may include:

• Pre-birth and birth-related medical costs
• Costs of care for the child
• Costs of care for the birthmother while pregnant and for a reasonable period
immediately following birth of the child
• Legal, governmental and other reasonable costs related to an adoption proceeding
• Costs and expenses for providing child welfare and child protection services, including
contributions to agencies, institutions or orphanages and government administrative

*Hague Standard EPR36.96(b)